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When it comes to determining how we can use CBD oil for inflammation, it’s important to consider both what is causing the inflammation and whether or not it’s acute or chronic.

Short-term inflammation, better known as acute inflammation, usually lasts less than 6 months. It can be caused by something as minimal as a stubbed toe to allergic reactions, asthma attacks, early stages of arthritis and even skin conditions such as Eczema. Acute inflammation typically subsides once the injury has healed but if the irritant persists it can become chronic.

Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, refers to long-term inflammation that can last for several months to years. Various things can cause chronic inflammation including: untreated causes of acute inflammation (infection or injury), an autoimmune disorder, long-term exposure to irritants, as well as chronic stress.

So the question now is, does CBD help with inflammation? Read on to learn more!


How CBD Works For Inflammation

Studies have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, meaning that it can interfere with inflammatory messengers at almost every level of the inflammatory response.

A few reasons why CBD is able to interact with inflammation in such as way is because it stops the breakdown of anandamide (a regulator of inflammation throughout the body), it triggers programmed cell death in the immune cells involved with inflammation and it also helps slow the activation of immune cells that are responsible for maintaining autoimmune-related inflammation.


Forms Of CBD That Work Best For Inflammation

From tinctures to edibles, there are several different forms of CBD, but when it comes to CBD and inflammation, you just might find the following work better than others!

CBD Oils

Known as the most common form of CBD, CBD oils allow for easy, effective serving, have a long shelf-life and can provide fast onset effects when taken sublingually. Our CBD Oil Drops are available in a 500mg formulation as well as our most concentrated formulation, 1500mg, for those in need of a little extra help to feel the relief they’re looking for.

CBD Capsules

The benefits of taking CBD Capsules for inflammation is that they make it easier for you to take your CBD on the go, take out the guesswork in terms of serving sizes and can also be formulated with other natural ingredients that have been known to provide even more health benefits. Our Relief CBD Capsules are not only formulated with 25mg of CBD isolate, but they also contain Turmeric, which is a natural herb known to reduce inflammation.

Topical CBD Products

For inflammation involving the skin or fatigued muscles, consider topical forms of CBD such as creams or bath bombs. Formulated with CBD as well as soothing menthol,  Rapid Relief CBD Cream is an ideal alternative for those dealing with aching joints/muscles-it goes on easy and provides a cooling sensation to knock out tension fast. And for relaxing relief? CBD Bath Bombs! Get Smooth is made with Shea Butter, Epsom Salt and Safflower Seed oil to help reduce redness and irritations. The combination of hot water and Epsom Salt helps to increase blood flow and pore opening, allowing CBD to enter the bloodstream at a faster pace, alleviating discomfort quickly.


CBD Dosage for Inflammation

The majority of research done on using CBD for inflammation indicates a dose-dependent response. In other words, the more you take, the stronger the anti-inflammatory effect it produces.

Given the amount of CBD to take can vary from person to person, the best way to determine your CBD dosage for inflammation, is to consult with your medical provider.


Final Thoughts On Using CBD for Inflammation

After going through tons of research, CBD has shown to be an excellent anti-inflammatory that can be used for all types of inflammation.

The most important factor when it comes to using CBD oil for inflammation, is to make sure you’re using high-quality extracts- this means that they’re free from contaminants, organically farmed and third-party lab tested!

Since you are able to use different forms of CBD for inflammation, it might be a bit overwhelming to decide on what will work best for you with regards to serving sizes, which is why we always recommend consulting with your doctor first!