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  • Soul CBD Alert CBD Capsules - One Week Supply

Alert CBD Capsules - One Week Supply

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Prepare for the most productive week of your life! Your week's supply of Alert CBD Capsules will help bring on the concentration and increase focus, without the jitters. Swap out your morning coffee for 1-2 capsules with plenty of food and H2O every morning, and prepare to kick your to-do list's butt. Limit one per customer.
  1. Take one capsule with plenty of food and H20.
  2. Feel the focus.
  3. Crush your to-do list.
Hemp Derived CBD Isolate, Yerba Mate Extract/Guarana Seed Blend, Korean Ginseng Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Vitamin B12, Caterpillar Fungus Extract, RNA (Ribonucleic Acid), DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), Rose Root Extract, Gotu Kola Herb Extract, Kudzu Root Extract, Gelatin (capsules), Crystalline Cannabidiol, Dicalcium Phosphate

25mg Per Serving
210mg Yerba Mate Extract

The Upside

Concentrate longer and harder.
Clear brain fog and maximize your creative potential.
Stay productive without feeling wired.

How to Use Alert CBD Capsules

  1. Take one capsule with plenty of food and H20.
  2. Feel the focus coming on.
  3. Kick your to-do list’s butt.

Have your brain storms felt more like drizzles lately? Soul’s Alert CBD capsules contain 25 mg each of our most potent CBD plus other noggin’ nutrition, including natural caffeine, vitamin B12, green tea extract, ginseng, and a proprietary blend of plant extracts to keep the good ideas flowin’.

Bring on the concentration and increase focus with this powerful formulation that’s jitter and THC-free. The CBD isolate in our Alert capsules helps calibrate the effects of the other ingredients, so you can keep up without ever feeling out of whack.

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You’ve got 99 questions,
but CBD ain’t one.

Let’s separate the CBD facts from fiction, shall we?

  • CBD High

    Will I get high?

    No, you can’t get high off of Hemp Extract CBD. Our products are all derived from industrial grade hemp, and we have no psychoactive elements in any of our products. (Read More)

  • CBD Marijuana

    What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

    Our products are all derived from hemp. One of the benefits of getting your CBD from hemp, rather than marijuana, is hemp’s low THC level (<0.03%), which allows for a higher CBD intake with none of the psychoactive effects of THC. (Read More)

  • CBD Package

    Where do you ship?

    We currently only ship to locations in The United States. (Read More)
  • CBD Test

    Will I pass a drug test?

    All of our products are CBD Isolate, containing zero THC. Our products are tested at the facility and third party confirmed to contain 0% THC. (Read More)

  • CBD formula

    What is CBD?

    CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring ingredient found in both industrial hemp and cannabis. Our CBD products are only sourced from Hemp. This ensures all of our products are legal, safe and non-psychoactive. (Read More)

  • CBD Legal

    Is CBD legal?

    Hemp derived CBD is legal to purchase and ship in the United States under the 2018 Farm Bill. There is no need to obtain a medical marijuana card to purchase our products. (Read More)